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$350 Starter Pack

We give you:

Domain registration – with a world-leading registrar (or use your existing domain)

Email address setup ( – present a unique and professional profile.

Graphic design – let your website look professional with our design specialized for your requirements.

Web and mobile friendly (responsive) design – your site will look stunning on computers, laptops, tablets and phones. Hide WordPress top & side bar, when users login to their accounts.

8 pages of fully bespoke content & design (if you don’t need all 8 pages now, save them and add later)

1 Campaign landing page – one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of any marketing web site.

Maintain functionalities both in 2 languages – let the world understand you with more languages on your website.

Shopping cart functionality, if required – if you are selling directly we can provide the functionality for you to do so and we will even show you how to upload and manage your products.

Stunning, modern Parallax design – a modern looking site will make you stand out from your competition.

Complete back end to add and modify content yourself. You will have zero dependence on us or any other technical resource once we show you how to add, modify and delete content you your web site and it is all so easy in our world leading content management system.

British project managers will work with you to complete your project. – People with disability in the developing world, enabling themselves – enabling you.
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