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Rời vị trí quản lý nhân sự toàn cầu của tập đoàn hàng chục ngàn nhân viên, doanh nhân người Anh ở lại Việt Nam 20 năm để tạo công ăn việc làm về IT cho người khuyết tật

Từng là quản lý nhân sự toàn cầu của tập đoàn vật liệu xây dựng lớn toàn cầu Heidelberg Cement của Đức, ông Colin Blackwell (người Anh) quyết định quay trở lại Việt Nam để xây dựng công ty về công nghệ thông tin, tạo công ăn việc làm cho người khuyết tật. Chị Nguyễn […]

Artificial Intelligence: Looking towards the future

Do you remember when I asked to imagine the opportunities that artificial intelligence (AI) could create for people across the globe? Well, it seems that the World Bank and Microsoft Philanthropy are working towards building that imagination into reality. They are building a world where all people of all statuses regardless of gender, economic or […]

The Challenges that People with Disability Face in the Workforce

People with disability can face a range of individual barriers at different stages of employment. From finding work, maintaining work or re-entering the workforce…

How does Artificial Intelligence give opportunity to people with disabilities or the disadvantaged?

Let me ask you a question, when you think of the words artificial intelligence or coding what comes to mind?

Club Oto – The first connection between garages and drivers in Vietnam

Club Oto is our latest company introduced in Vietnam. It’s the first company in Vietnam to connect garages with customers.

CLUB OTO: First Car Service In Vietnam

CLUB OTO is a breakdown recovery service for vehicles moving on roads that unfortunately gets…

This week Enablecode visited Maison Chance

Maison Chance Vietnam is a shelter that was founded in 1993 by Aline Rebeaud. The shelters are for…

Disability and the Promise of Technology

Tomorrow, December 3, is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a day to promote awareness…


Enablecode, where the majority of the employees, creating the websites and software, are people with a disability.