Colin Blackwell

Colin Blackwell is originally from the UK, where he completed his business degree. After starting his career in HR in the UK, he relocated to Russia in 1993 where he was one of the first expatriates to work in the very new HR consulting field there. He was instrumental in setting up the first ever graduate [...]

Paul Bappoo

Originally from the UK, Paul has been offering software consulting services to some of the worlds largest companies, around the world for the last 30 years. Having graduated from the first ever computing course in his home town, Paul went on to become a programmer using punch cards to manually program mainframe machines. Having a [...]

Vy Nguyen

Vy holds a double degree in Finance and Professional Accounting from Macquarie University in Australia.Vy is an innovative, enthusiastic and positive person and like most of our team members, Vy has been with Enablecode since the beginning. Working at Enablecode has opened many doors for Vy to discover opportunities to work with many clients all [...]

Moritz Wohlgenannt

He has always been passionate about fixing computers and has worked in Germany providing IT infrastructure and security services to corporate clients there. He is also an anthropologist with a development sector background in Africa, so loves to see people with disabilities thrive in technology jobs. He is now with our team in Vietnam helping [...]

Nhan Nguyen

Previously a top coder for Accenture in Japan and Singapore, he has returned to Vietnam to pursue his dream of working on digital transformation. He is one of the few people familiar with the new no-code development platforms in Vietnam.   ENABLECODE TEAM Colin Blackwell Paul Bappoo Vy Nguyen Chuyen Huynh Nhan Nguyen Moritz Wohlgenannt [...]

Chuyen Huynh

Originally from Vietnam, Chuyen has spent over thirty years in top technology leadership roles for Hewlett Packard and Cisco. He has provided technology solutions for some of the largest multinational companies around the world. More recently he has become a recognised authority on digital transformation in France. He has returned to Vietnam to bring companies [...]

Hoai Pham

When Hoai was 8 years old, a meningoencephalitis made half of his body paralysed. However, the disease didn’t stop his dream of going to school. Hoai was always being alone at school because other kids saw him different from them, but that was a motivation for Hoai to become stronger and more independent. Hoai is now [...]

Thien Chu

Aesthetic is a big motivation that helped Thien accomplish one of his dreams, which was to graduate at Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture with a Degree in Graphic Design in 2010. It is a course that demands unlimited creativity to create visually-appealing and trendy design for products. Thien is highly specialised in Photoshop, [...]

Luan Nguyen

“Nothing is impossible” – This is the way that keeps Luan think positive and be confident to overcome any challenges in life. A malignant fever made his right leg paralysed since he was eight months old and it took him a year to be able to stand again and start his very first walks. However, [...]

Mai Nguyen

Mai was unable to walk from the age of three. She graduated from Computer Science at Dong Thap university in 2014. After graduation, may worked at Viettel Dong Thap and joined Enablecode in April 2017. Early childhood is the most difficult time for her to start at school and familiarize herself with the outside world. [...]