This week Enablecode visited Maison Chance

Maison Chance Vietnam is a shelter that was founded in 1993 by Aline Rebeaud. The shelters are for abandoned children and disabled people who has been left on the streets in Saigon. The shelters provide vocational training and work in the facilities of the association. They get a second chance in life, and an opportunity to improve their skills in drawing, sewing, information technologies, bamboo, catering and baking.

We at EnableCode where pleasantly surprised by the load of positive energy and smiles that surrounded us. It’s inspiring to experience the happiness and level of possibilities Aline Rebeaud has created for the people living in her shelters.

In the future, EnableCode and Maison Chance will hopefully have the opportunity to work closely together to improve the lives for the disabled people in the shelters. If you wish to learn more about Maision Chance and support the shelters visit their website:

Enablecode is a social enterprise based in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, which employs programmers and designers with physical disabilities. Do you want to help Enablecode spread awareness about people with disabilities in the developing world or do you want to receive more information about our services? Contact us here

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