CLUB OTO: First Car Service In Vietnam

CLUB OTO is a breakdown recovery service for vehicles moving on roads that unfortunately gets technical problems. This app is the connection between vehicles’ owners and the nearest garage stores. CLUB OTO can be downloaded on laptops, smartphones (for both Android and iOS users)
With CLUB OTO on your phone, you can drive confidently around. We are no longer away than a simple press on the phone, and the nearest garage will come to your location and provide the necessary service. We have a 24-hour motor vehicle breakdown service that stands ready to help you out in the most difficult situation. It is a free to use service application for you that owns a car. If it accidently should happen that you ran out of gas, got a flat tire, dead battery or even worse, you just inform the garage nearby and they will find the best solution for the current issue. You will always get trusted information, and we will inform you in the best way possible.

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