Making Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd: A SlideShare

It can be challenging to stand out from other companies on the internet. There is just so much information available. So, how can you make sure that you reach people and more importantly, that you reach the right people?

This SlideShare by Gregory Pouy might give you some great ideas. As the SlideShare tells us, good online marketing basically comes down to this:

Content has to be

1. relevant to your brand,

2. relevant to people and

3. relevant to the platform.

Look at the entire presentation for some great marketing inspiration.

Enablecode is a social enterprise based in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, which employs programmers and designers with physical disabilities. Do you want to help Enablecode spread awareness about people with disabilities in the developing world or do you want to receive more information about our services? Register to our website here.

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