Luan Nguyen

Nothing is impossible” – This is the way that keeps Luan think positive and be confident to overcome any challenges in life.

A malignant fever made his right leg paralysed since he was eight months old and it took him a year to be able to stand again and start his very first walks. However, this didn’t stop him from being positive in life as he knew that he always had love from his parents and other people. Luan has been trying to learn and improve his study ability, ethics and personality so that people can see him as being like everyone else.

Luan graduated with a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Dong Thap University in 2013. Shortly after, Luan began his career at Enablecode in 2014 with an IT courses in PHP. After successfully completing the course, he became a full time team member in April 2015. Luan was involved in The “Chung Suc” club of the university and DRD to develop his knowledge about team work and social activities to improve his self-confidence. Luan is happily married to a talented web programmer.

Luan is specialised in programming CSHAP, SQL, MYSQL, Web PHP, ASPX, HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.

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