Is your company aware of its online impression, when acquiring new candidates?

Your online brand and image as a company, when attracting new candidates:

Have you ever wondered what first impression your company gives to prospecting candidates?

The first impression of you and your company is not always the first impression. Now how can that be? We live in a digital age, which your probably already notice and have your own fair share of ups and downs with, and companies too are often drawing the short end of the digital straw.

The person sitting across from you, during an interview, hoping to be employed, probably already knows a great deal about your company, your background and your values. And not just because of the whole hiring process. Today, the chances are that the candidate has already been checking you out online. They probably did this before ever even considering meeting with you in the real world.

Checked Out Online.


Everybody does it. No shame, that is how the world works today. Information is right at our fingertips, so why not exploit it. Just a few taps on your elegant streamlined keyboard and everything is served. “tap tap, enter”. Knowledge granted.

If you found an available position at a company you haven’t been introduced to before, of course you are going to check them out online. Maybe you will contact someone in your network if they have any experience with the mentioned company. We want to know what we are getting our selves into.

And it works the other way around too. If you are hiring an important employee, you or your recruitment company will make sure to scout out the most eligible candidates online. Most likely it will be through the use of LinkedIn, but maybe also other places around the web, and maybe with the help from your network.

So the physical first impression usually supplements a first impression already made from an online check up. And nothing is wrong with that. Just make sure you, as a company or as an aspiring employee are aware of this.

Multiple Online Sources.

As a company, this means you will never meet a potential candidate, with them not having preconceived knowledge and/or opinion of your company, before you have ever even met.

This also means that a company needs to be aware of how it is profiling it self, and what kind of signals its online “profile” is generating.

The tools today to create a online presence, most commonly used, are websites, LinkedIn and Facebook. Some companies even use twitter. And then there is the general public reputation like articles, press releases etc.

All these sources creates ingredients, that go into the same pot, that helps the candidates create their idea of you as a company. So therefor:

Keep Your Website Up-To-Date!

Untitled design-2

The most essential business card is definitely your website and unless it was created within the last 12 months, it it worth checking up on it again. Maybe let someone from the outside look through it with a critical mindset (critical but constructive of course)

Maybe give them some assignments when going through the website: Are the news up-to-date, are the company’s main service easily spotted? Is it easy to get contact information on a relevant employee?

If your website is hard to operate, this will affect the users experience of the website and of your company as a whole.

If they find typos and spelling mistakes or maybe expressions most common used by experienced professionals or just common to your company, you definitely will loose them.

If your website is flawed, it will only attract the people who already know you, your company and your abilities, and that is not really the point is it? The point is to impress new potentials.

So Clean Up And Be Active:

Are you activeIf your company has a page on LinkedIn, or you as a contact person have one – then it needs to be active. If you don’t regularly update it or post, even if it is because of workoverload or new projects, it shows a lack of interest in telling the world who you and your company are.

And that probably isn’t the issue. Of course you want to tell your surroundings and possible candidates/clients who you are and what you do. This is how businesses create new prospects.

But any outsiders wont necessarily think that. The same applies if you have a Facebook og Twitter account. If you have an account, you need to be active to show that you are in the game.

Stay Active!

Appoint someone in the company to be responsible for your virtuel profiles, and set some clear rules or guidelines for when and how the company should be active. Even going as far as making a detailed content plan can really make a difference. The content plan could describe what sort of content goes out which days at what time. Make sure to mix it up when it comes to media use. It can both be articles, videos, podcasts, pictures and so on, as long as it fit your brand and the signal you want to send out as a company.

Applicants are easily affected. 

No you cant and shouldn’t change your image or virtual appearance from one day to the other. And you shouldn’t do it because of one hiring situation only. But the way your company projects itself and the way the world perceives it, automatically affect the number and the quality of the candidates that apply in the end. So be aware.

We are used to this being relevant for the jobseekers, but it works the other way around to. You attract what you put out.

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