How to make your website instill trust

Your website’s ability to build trust between your company and the visitor, means a lot when that visitor reflects on becoming a partner/buyer or not. Trust is the final tipping point. Here are 6 tips dedicated to making your website induce trust in its visitors.


  1. Make it easy for a potential customer to contact you.

Always make sure your contact information, for example your phone number, adresse and email is easy accessible. This can be done as a an independent category in your menu, or placed at the top or bottom of the website, maybe even on every page and not just the home page. Visibility and accessibility is key, and giving the visitor a variation of ways to get in touch with you can be a good idea.


  1. Be sure your domain name is relevant and appropriate.

BUY a domain name either similar to your company name, or at least where your company name is included. This way the customer or visitor is sure that it is the “correct” website, at they can easily find it when searching with search engines.


  1. Employer visibility

Show some friendly faces. List every employer, or the most relevant for possible customers to contact. This gives the customer something to relate to, and makes the company less abstract and unknown.

If a customer can see the person, whom they will most likely talk to if they chose to contact you, it gives them a sense of security, and that is what they should feel in every step of interacting with you: secure.


  1. Keep the design and content up-to-date.

Make sure that the design of the website lets the user have a clear overview of what kind of content your website offers and make sure the content is up to date. Your visitors first impression is primarily linked to the appearance of the website and secondly to the content. If the website seems out of date, the visitor will find the content and the information unreliable.


  1. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are a no go.

If you expect your visitors to become clients or buyers, you need to show them that your are professional, and being professional means communicating in a proper and correct manner. Use a simple and flawless language, no expressions that only people within your field of work understand. If you have just one spelling error, your credibility has already dropped, and your visitor may take flight.


  1. Describe your products/services

Having a detailed description of each product or service benefits the level of trust immensely. 50% of online purchases are not finalized, usually because the buyer needs more information or recommendations and reviews from others.

Anyone can claim to have quality product or services, but if there is no one talking about it or willing to testify to these statements, how true can it be? It takes a lot of hard work, good service and quality products to get people to recommend a company to their network. If you can master getting good reviews, it is a mayor trust factor. If you are a B2B company, show the logo and names of the companies you worked with.


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