Don’t Let Anyone Own Your Traffic

Don’t Let Anyone

Own Your Traffic


How my sales disappeared overnight because of Facebook!

Here is a great example of why you should never rely solely on Facebook or any other service that you don’t have total control over, to generate traffic for your web site.

I have a Facebook page which draws in traffic for my Saigon Skyline Photography Tutorial, a great little e-book that tells travelers to Vietnam exactly where to go and how to get to the location, to take a magnificent night time photo of the impressive Saigon city skyline.

I suddenly noticed a drop off in sales of the product one month and spent quite a bit of time wondering why this was….

Here you can see the page and you can see the link to the sales page right there in the about section. The idea is that people visit the page, follow the link and buy the e-book.

So whilst the link points to my perfectly legitimate e-book sales page on, Facebook, for some reason had decided it was a problematic link and blocked it.

Now, if you promote any aspects of your business on a social platform, such as Facebook or any of the other popular systems, you could find that your traffic and hence your sales and income suddenly drops off.

I have reported this to Facebook and we will see how long it takes to get it fixed, but the moral of this story is not to leave all your sales in the hands of an external organisation that you have no control over.

Whenever you set up an online sales channel, ensure that it has multiple streams of traffic from multiple sources and that you capture the email addresses or other methods of contacting your visitors once you get them to your site.

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