3 steps on how to prevent website visitors from bouncing

If you are lucky you have around 30 seconds to convince a prospecting client that you can deliver the service they are looking for, when stumbling across your site.

However, to earn those 30 seconds, you need to give a good first impression, and to be able to give a first impression, you  need them make them visit your site.

To make them visit your page, to give a good first impression, to earn those 30 seconds to make them become possible clients, there is a three step concept. It can be used when building a new website, og it can be used when optimising an existing one.

1 step #Know:

The first step is to get people to visit your site. To do this you need to ensure that the way your site is set up so it can be easily read by search engines, so it will show in the organic search resultat.

Have the website structure made in such a maner that every service and product you offer have their own subpage. The more relevant you create your subpages, the more likely it is Google will show these in the organic search results when users search for services and/or products such as yours. This way you can attract more relevant visitors for each of your products.

Consider if having direct share buttons on your page is relevant for your product and service. For most companies born global or online, it is a necessity. This way visitors and clients can share your message and service instantly, with just one simple click.

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2 step #Like

The first impression of a website is the same as a first impression of a person – you only have a few seconds.

If you have any pop ups for example with newsletter registration, online customer service chat etc, let it wait a few seconds, or make it discreet, so your visitor still can browse around, without something blocking their view. If you have videos on your page, don’t let it start on its own, or at least let the audio be turned off, until the visitor activily choses to engage with your video.

My point is: try not to disturb them as there are taking it all in – any disturbances will count as a negative, and increase the chance of the visitor bouncing, and maybe finding your competitors website instead.

Instead of showing too much, just show the most necessary. Try to be useful and think what would a person looking for services like yours be interested in seeing? Have a menu with short and precise topics, that a new costumer would want to know before purchasing or contacting your company.

Many people react to visuals, so maybe high quality pictures of your product would be an idea. If your product is none physical, then use high quality pictures of people that the person can relate to.

The point is to confirm the visitor that this is the right place they have come to. Most people want to spend their time and money on quality and professionalisme, so your website, content and visuals should support this notion.

3 step #Trust:

If you manage to impress them within the first 5 seconds, this is where you win the extra 30 seconds. Congratulations, you kept your visitor from bouncing! Now you need to convince your customer that you can solve their problems so they will contact you. Now you need to build trust.

You can do this by showing projects you’ve done for other companies, or by listing the companies’ logos. Some sites also choose to have quotes or full reviews from previous clients.

Remember to have clear contact information. Phone number, email and address. Transparency is generally a good way to generate trust, so you can even choose to have a . You can also choose to have a video that introduces your company and your service/product and your values.

These are not the only ways of creating trust, there are a number of ways to generate trust, also depends on who you are targeting. Maybe a have look around and see how other websites are doing it, filter out what doesn’t work for you and your customers, and then apply best practice.

The quality of your design is also a way of generating trust and giving a great first impression. If you manage to generate trust, then the visitor will start reading more in depth about you services and your products.

Having the right design build to give a great first impression and to induce trust is a strong investment in your company and its future.

Hope you found this useful.

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