Vy Nguyen

Vy holds a double degree in Finance and Professional Accounting from Macquarie University in Australia.Vy is an innovative, enthusiastic and positive person and like most of our team members, Vy has been with Enablecode since the beginning. Working at Enablecode has opened many doors for Vy to discover opportunities to work with many clients all over the world and to learn more about the disabled society.

Vy says: “There is no difference of the disables and non-disables at Enablecode. What makes us special is how we differently-enable our differences. At Enablecode, we are a family.

Vy’s responsibilities include facilitating communication between team members; managing workloads and coordinating with clients to ensure the results meet the company and clients’ quality standards. With her vibrant ability to motivate and communicate with peers and her cultural understanding globally makes her an excessive strength for Enablecode.

So if you decide to work with Enablecode, Vy will be your first point of contact with us.

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