Mobile Development

Enablecode is a software company that employs computing experts with disabilities. Our team members first met each other in 2010 in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, and decided to form a team. They worked together as freelancers on a variety of web projects, until Enablecode was established in 2014.
Our vision is to transform the way Vietnamese society perceives people with disabilities. We do this by proving how well we can deliver services and run a strong business.


Artificial Intelligence: Looking towards the future

Do you remember when I asked to imagine the opportunities that artificial intelligence (AI) could create for people across the globe? Well, it seems that the World Bank and Microsoft Philanthropy are working towards building that imagination into reality. They are building a world where all people of all statuses regardless of gender, economic or […]

The Challenges that People with Disability Face in the Workforce

People with disability can face a range of individual barriers at different stages of employment. From finding work, maintaining work or re-entering the workforce…

How does Artificial Intelligence give opportunity to people with disabilities or the disadvantaged?

Let me ask you a question, when you think of the words artificial intelligence or coding what comes to mind?

Our Clients

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