The pace of change gets ever faster,  creating more opportunities and risks for business than ever before. We have some internationally acclaimed experts in both digital and HR transformation in our team – they can provide both strategic consulting and practical implementation of process optimisation, automation and staff reskilling. Our consulting strength is combining both technology and people transformation into one big picture that helps to future proof companies.

Business Process Outsourcing

We are partnered with a globally leading company in the field of artificial intelligence enhanced outsourcing. We provide outsourced digitisation and machine learning in image recognition using teams of people with disabilities trained in the new “human skills” necessary to complete the more complex tasks that the artificial intelligence cannot.

IT Infrastructure & Security

As technology systems get ever more complex, the more important it becomes to make sure your company systems are robust and secure. We provide international standard “health checks” on your setup of hardware, software, cloud and IT policies, identifying risks in advance. We are also there to keep an eye on your systems and troubleshoot whenever you need.

No-Code Development Platforms

This exciting very new area of technology has only recently become available and we are almost the first in Vietnam to be using this. Basically it delivers all of the functionality you need – be it bespoke business applications or e-commerce, just much faster and more dynamic. Using the robust building platform AwareIM, we work with rapid application deployment processes to give you flexible results fast. This is particularly attractive to startups as we do not “own” your code – we just use our expertise to customise existing platforms to what you need, fast.


It is easier than ever to use the great new simple technology available to make stunning websites. The challenge is choosing amongst the hundreds of thousands of templates and plugins available. That is our strength – a practical knowledge of understanding what you would like and advising upon the correct combination of platform that achieves this. We guarantee no coding that will slow down, mess up or cause your site to crash. We will just give you the best, simplest, quickest most honest solution.