Marinette’s Cookbook Design

Mairy Dieth was a very unique client. Instead of a website or mobile application, Enablecode designed a cookbook for her. She has written a number of these and asked Enablecode to design her third, Cameroonian cookbook, “My Creations: Home & Kitchen Corner”.

For this cookbook, which contains recipes and pictures of some truly amazing food, Enablecode’s team aimed to create a visually appealing and aesthetic design. In the book, we wanted to let the images stand out, but still maintain a good balance between text and visual content.

Below you find the cover of the book.

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Paul:                                  Vy:

(+84) 128 425 5683       (+84) 943 559 799


E34, Fosco Building
40 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan street, Ward 6
District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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