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Company description

Problem: People with disability in the developing world have little or no access to education and valuable careers. Enablecode aims to change that by providing education and jobs in web design, graphic design, mobile app development, desktop software development and digital marketing
Company name: Enablecode
Year of foundation: 2014
Country based: Vietnam
Country served: Vietnam
Company size: +10 employees
Product / service: Website and mobile programming, design, SEO and online marketing
Support needed: Enablecode is looking for clients, who have needs to develop websites/mobile applications in Vietnam and overseas. We are also looking for more people with disabilities in Vietnam, who can do programming & design
Goal for the future: Transform the way Vietnamese society perceives people with disabilities. We do this by proving how well we can deliver services and run a strong business

Enablecode is a software company that only employs programmers with disabilities. The company is specializing in website programming, mobile programming iOS/Android, windows phones. Enablecode’s vision is to transform the way Vietnamese society sees the disabled: we will do this by proving how well we can deliver services and run a strong business. Our ambition is not small – we aim to transform the way Vietnamese society views the 15 million people with disabilities (PWD) in the country, by showing our success story.

Rising aspiration in life is a human quality that make people win every challenge in life. All Enablecode members were unfortunate to go through difficulties to overcome illness but they are always active, joyful, and hardworking. For non-disabled students, it’s tiring if they have to take stairs to go to their classes every day. What do you think how would PWD handle this situation? Perhaps you can image some of the struggles that they have to overcome, but for the less fortunate ones, who have the will to overcome difficulties. At Enablecode, “Everything is possible” and this is how Enablecode members overcome the challenges of work and life.

With the development of today’s technology, especially because of the Internet, there are a lot of factors in the IT-business that are very favorable for PWD. Therefore, Enablecode staff members can quickly update the technology at home, work online together and share their progress in their online work with partners. They just meet in the office on a certain number of days during the week, but still manage to work together as a group. The main technology platforms help PWD, in the way that they can care less about the difficulties in moving around and can there for invest more time in completing and perfecting their work.

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