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If your accounting system server was destroyed, right now, how easily could your business recover?

A few years back an IT Director (CIO) of a very large international company was telling me a story of how, one day, out of the blue, he went into his IT manager’s office and asked the poor guy “If our accounting system server was destroyed, right now, how quickly could you recover the data?”

The IT manager, being responsible for system security, was quick to respond “No problem, we have a full backup”. Of course, this was the theory, but in his heart of hearts, he wasn’t entirely sure the backup was being taken regularly or that it was stored somewhere safely, or even that it could be restored easily.

Sensing a lack of confidence in his IT manager, the IT director then said “Are you sure? What if I were to take a chainsaw, go over to the server room and slice through the server right now?”

Of course the IT manager held his ground at this point, he knew there was no way that was actually going to happen, so he was feeling quite sure of himself when he told the IT director that everything would be OK and there was nothing to worry about. Of course he made a mental note to go check the backup system right after that meeting!

Having been in the business for a while the IT director had anticipated exactly this response from his manager. Getting the OK from the manager, he went out of the office briefly and picked up the chainsaw that he had leant against the outside of the IT manager’s office. He brought it in and with one deft pull, fired it up, sending reverberations and exhaust fumes around the room – he then marched off toward the server room.

Of course the IT manager was hot on his heels, begging him to stop, since “maybe he wasn’t quite as sure as he thought he was”.

Nowadays there are better ways than taking an actual chainsaw to work and firing it up in the office, to find out if your critical system’s backup regimes are working as they should be.

Simply contact us for a review of your systems, we’ll turn up, check them out and let you know if you really would be OK if a chainsaw wielding IT director popped in for a while.