Is Shopify for me?

irst of all, you may ask: “What is Shopify?” Shopify is an e-commerce platform. It lets you build a full functioning web-shop in a matter of minutes. (But you should probably use more than just a few minutes on it, if you want to give your customers the best experience). Besides allowing you to create […]

In Need Of Advice Or Inspiration?

In Need Of Advice Or Inspiration? In the spirit of having Artem here this weekend (the young entrepreneur from San Francisco) we have gathered 5 great websites and blogs from around the internet. All 5 focuses on inspiring and guiding any new start-up business, but in their own uniq way. The websites are listed in a […]


Mistake 1 – They Build It Themselves As a professional web site designer, I often come across business web sites, where the owner of the business has created the company’s first web site him or her self. Typically they have discovered that the web site was not brining in customers and ask us to help […]

Switching Your Website to WordPress??? Yes, Definitely !!!

If you decided on WordPress for your business website or professional blog, well…YOU’RE A GENIUS. Not only is WordPress supported by a huge community with seemingly infinite resources for customizing your WordPress site, it’s an open source and free, and it can make your website become a blog software-based website. No wonder almost half of all new websites run […]

Role of social media in modern business

Social media is absolutely critical in the advertising and promotion of any business these days, not just consulting. However you have to ask yourself, why is social media hugely successful for some people whilst it is, at best, a time drain for others? The answer is leverage.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Customers

A successful business is one that provides a desired product or service to its customers. The keyword is “desired”.Your business will never succeed if it offers something that people don’t really want. Have you ever wondered why no one is selling a solar-powered laptop? Because nobody wants it. (but seriously someone made a solar-powered laptop) […]

8 Steps to using Google Alerts effectively

Google Alerts has made it easy to track any keyword on the internet. This means, you can track specific content according to a criteria specified by you as the content is added to the internet. The data gathered is sent to your email address at a frequency that you specify.

Leverage Marketing

Need more customers on your web site? – Paul also has just released his new training course on supercharged internet and digital marketing. The course is available on Udemy (usual cost is $47).  If you are interested in taking the course and want to receive a free training course, login/register to become our member to see […]

9 Signs Your Website Needs to Be Redesigned

Not optimized for mobile More than half of all internet access today is on mobile. Consequently, if your website cannot be properly accessed on mobile devices, you are missing out on many potential clients. Moreover, mobile-friendly websites rank higher on Google than websites that are not responsive. Responsive web design enables your website to adapt […]


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