Are People with Disabilities Normal?

It is quite common for people to use the word “normal” to describe persons without disabilities. You probably do it as well. When you do, however, you automatically imply that a person with a disability is not normal, or even “abnormal,” which is not a very friendly way of describing someone. But why do people […]

Why Hire Enablecode?

Finding a web development company is not very difficult; there are a myriad of them out there. However, since they all offer similar services, deciding which of these companies to hire can be challenge. As you’re essentially entrusting your business to them, it’s a difficult decision to make. So, to make it a bit easier […]

Is Your Workplace Accessible?

In 2006, the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. As such, the Convention’s signatories (i.e. the majority of countries in the world) became obliged to, among other things, ensure proper accessibility to the physical environment for persons with disabilities. Ensuring accessibility is easier said than done, however, and the […]

Is It Time for a New Disability Symbol?

Below is the current International Symbol of Access (ISA). It is a simple depiction of a person sitting in a wheelchair and is supposed to represent improved access for people with disabilities, particularly wheelchair users. The symbol is maintained as an international standard and thus can be found around the world. You probably come across […]

Employ People: People with and without Disabilities

The benefits of inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce can probably not be emphasized enough. So, here’s another video that explains them…   Do you want to help Enablecode spread awareness about people with disabilities in the developing world or do you want to receive more information about what we do? Register to our […]

Social Inclusion & Disability (Video)

In Vietnam, and many other countries in the world, there are many misconceptions about people with disabilities. Many people believe, for instance, that people with disabilities cannot bring any value to society. People with disabilities are therefore frequently excluded from participation in society, which makes it very difficult for them to escape from the cycle […]

Talk Positively about Disability – But How?

In the last several years, opinions on how we should talk about disability have changed significantly. In the past, it was normal to talk about people with disabilities in terms that are today considered condescending and insulting. Nowadays, in contrast people are encouraged to use positive language that emphasizes the capabilities of people with disabilities […]

What Is a Social Enterprise?

So, what exactly is a social enterprise? It’s not a charity, but it’s not exactly a normal company either. Understanding what a social enterprise really is, can be challenging, but the infographic below explains it really well. (The infographic focuses primarily on the United States, but is still very informative.)   Look at the infographic […]

Let’s Have a Positive Discussion about Disability

Like we have said earlier, it is important to speak about disability in a positive manner. In order for people with disabilities to be better included in society, we need to treat people with disabilities like we would anyone else: as people with many skills, talents and interests. Pitying people with disabilities or focusing on […]

7 Great Mobile Apps for People with Disabilities

  We post a lot of information about web building and web design, but never much about mobile applications. Enablecode develops apps as well though, so today we figured we would write about this. As most members of our team have disabilities, we decided to find out what kind of apps are out there for […]


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