7 Great Mobile Apps for People with Disabilities


We post a lot of information about web building and web design, but never much about mobile applications. Enablecode develops apps as well though, so today we figured we would write about this.

As most members of our team have disabilities, we decided to find out what kind of apps are out there for people with disabilities. We found some pretty cool ones. Here are seven of the best.


download (1)1.    Talkitt

This is an amazing app that can be used by people with speech impairments. Unlike most other speech software applications, Talkitt enables people to use their own voice by converting their pronunciation into intelligible speech. This is a great communication tool that works with any language.


dragon-dictation-best-free-apps2.    Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation can be very useful for people with limited use of their arms. It is a voice recognition application that converts your speech into text on your smartphone or tablet. The app is generally quite accurate and is a very easy and fast way to send texts or post to social media, among other things.


download (2)3.    SoundAMP R

SoundAMP R is an app that can function as a hearing aid for people with hearing loss. It can be used in all sort of situations, including in classrooms, at the dinner table, or in front of the television. The app amplifies sounds and lets you adjust tones, enabling you to better hear what is going on around you. All you need is a pair of earphones.


4.    Wheelmate

Finding accessible toilets and parking spaces can be quite challenge for people with disabilities. Wheelmate makes this a lot easier and has located more than 30.000 wheelchair-accessible toilets and parking spaces in over 45 countries. There are unfortunately no locations listed yet in Vietnam, but there are in many other countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, the United States, Australia and even Qatar. Wheelmate is also available as a website.



Screen-Shot-Marker-Bubble5.    Wheelmap

Wheelmap is similar to Wheelmate, but instead of toilets and parking spaces, provides people with information about the accessibility of all kinds of public places, including government buildings, restaurants, shopping malls and tourist attractions. Again, there is no information available for places in Vietnam, but the app can be very useful for people in many other countries around the world. Wheelmap, too, is available online.


download (3)6.    Be My Eyes

This app is very cool. As the name suggests, Be My Eyes connects blind people to volunteers who are able to see. When a blind person needs assistance, for instance to read the instructions on a box of cake mix or to find their way around in a new place, they can connect with a volunteer through a live video connection, who can then help the person by answering their question. The app seems to be very useful as it currently has more than 20.000 blind people registered as well as more than 300.000 sighted people.


7.    Tecla Shield DOS

tecla_shield_2Last but not least, there is the Tecla Shield DOS. While not exactly a mobile application, the Tecla Shield is a wireless device that enables people to control their smartphones or tablets (both iOS and Android) using the adapted switches on their powered wheelchair. This is particularly useful for people who, for whatever reason, are not able to use their phones directly. With the Tecla Shield, you can use your wheelchair to make phone calls, send text messages, surf the internet and use built-in applications, such as your phone’s camera. The only downside to this very cool and useful device is its price. The Tecla Shield DOS costs $320.


Enablecode is a social enterprise based in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, which employs programmers and designers with physical disabilities. Do you want to help Enablecode spread awareness about people with disabilities in the developing world or do you want to receive more information about our services? Register to our website here.

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