The Advantages of Having a Great Website for Your Company

We are living in the Digital Age. More and more things are becoming computerized and life without internet is unimaginable for many people. Regardless of whether you think this is good or bad, it is a fact that the way of doing business is changing. Consequently, it is probably safe to say that having an online presence is essential to the success of almost any business. Nonetheless, not every company even has a website yet. Why? Maybe people think it is too difficult or too much effort or they simply don’t think it is necessary. Well, even if your business is doing well without a website, it would probably do even better with one. Here’s why…


Promote your business 24/7:

Your business probably closes at some point every night and opens up again in the morning. Consequently, while you are closed, potential customers are unable to reach you. The nice thing about the internet, however, is that it never closes. People can find your website during the day, but also in the middle of the night if they feel like it. Having a website, therefore, is a cheap and effective way to promote your business 24/7, without any extra effort, manpower or costs.


Reach more customers/clients:

Certainly, word of mouth advertising is priceless. If clients are satisfied with your work, they will probably tell others about your business, which is one of the most effective ways to get new clients. Offline, however, you can only reach a very limited number of people. Generally, word of mouth advertising is only effective locally and even advertisements on tv, radio or in newspapers cannot reach everyone who might be interested in your services. you have a website, however, you can reach people all around the world. People simply need to type in what they are looking for in a search engine and they may find your website, especially if you make optimal use of SEO (search engine optimization). Thus, having an online presence can shift your company’s reach from local to global and will allow you to significantly expand your customer base.


It is cost-effective:

There is probably no cheaper marketing tool than the internet. Getting a website is a relatively low-cost investment that will most certainly pay off. (Potential) customers will have access to your business 24 hours a day and promoting your products or services online, either on your website or on social media channels, is much cheaper than in print or broadcast media.


Enhance competitiveness:

Nowadays, many people will search online for the service or product they are interested in before buying it offline. In this respect, if your competitors have websites, but you do not, this will significantly lower your competitiveness and will be a great disadvantage for your company. Conversely, if you do have a website, this can increase your profile and add credibility to your business. Being active online shows people that you are committed to your work and will indicate your level of professionalism and dependability. As such, having a (good-looking) website will lead people to trust in the quality of your services and enables you to gain the confidence of potential customers.


It’s a sales tool:

This one speaks for itself. First of all, since a website increases your company’s visibility, it will probably generate new sales leads. You can attract more traffic to your website by posting ads on social media, for instance, that link back to your site. Secondly, you can add functions to your website that enable people to buy your products or services online or, depending on the type of business, simply convert your website into an online store.


It’s functions are unlimited:

There is a limit to what you can do in your office, store or storage space. Online, however, your options are unlimited. You can add however many pages or functions to your website as you desire, all of which can promote different services or products for different target audiences. Moreover, the internet is relatively easy to use and pages can be updated easily at any time. As such, you can make sure that the information on your website is always up-to-date and won’t contain any outdated information.


Improves customer interaction (and satisfaction):

You can add many different functions to your company’s website, among which an opt-in box. This will enable you to capture the email addresses of people interested in your services and will allow you to stay in touch with them. By providing people with regular updates of what is going on at your company, you increase your chances of turning your website’s visitors into (long-term) customers and thus of building your clientele.


Having read this, do you think it is time to get a website or that your website could use a new look? Contact us to find out what we can do for you. At Enablecode everything is possible!

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