Trend 2016: Why Outsource Web, Software and Digital Marketing To Disabled People In The Developing World?

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By outsourcing their web site, programming work and digital marketing to people with disability in the developing world, companies get to double the value of their investment. Not only do they get a very high quality of work performed by people who understand them, their business and their needs at a very good price, but they also get to help disadvantaged people who are living in a very difficult situation.

Why is this important? Wheelchair bound people, living with disability in the developing world, also known as the third world or emerging economy, have a harsh life. Education in developing countries costs money and a huge number of families are poor and hardly able to afford to eat let alone put their kids through school.So if a child suffers from a disability their family believes they have no value in being able to support the family in the future, because they are not going to be capable of working, so the family spends their limited resources on educating their other children, leaving the disabled ones housebound and uneducated.

It is a self fulfilling prophesy of course, if people are not given an opportunity they don’t develop into valuable members of society. Part of the responsibility for this situation lies with the employers and business operators too. For them it is perceived as costly in terms of facilities to employ disabled people and they often consider that these members of their workforce will be slow and less capable than able bodied employees.

A small group of disabled people have formed a new company called Enablecode in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam, a country that is still recovering from one of the world’s worst wars in living memory. They are planning to change the way people with disability are perceived in the workplace and by their families, by demonstrating that they are capable of holding down excellent jobs in the knowledge economy. What better business to be in if your mobility is impaired than software and web development.


When asked how the name was chosen, Hao lead project manager said “We wanted to show that even though we suffer from physical disability, we can still deliver the goods! We want to focus on what we CAN do not what we can’t”

There are many software outsourcers around the world and some of them have a bad reputation due to language barrier issues and lack of Western delivery standards, it was important for Enablecode to overcome these, so they created an infrastructure involving experienced and professional business and project managers from the UK who have years of experience in building software solutions for some of the worlds largest companies.

“This means we understand many different types of business, we have people with the language and technical skills to be able to speak with our clients in their own language and we have the ability to deliver in a way that meets the client’s expectations.” Said Colin Blackwell, CEO of the company.

Having been in “soft launch” for 6 months, while they developed their working structure and with web site starter packages starting from as little as $350, Enablecode is now ready to bring highly skilled, efficient, motivated, well managed, yet cost effective software, web development and digital marketing to businesses in the West and are looking for companies who are willing to give the new world of offshore outsourcing a try.

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