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Mistake 1 – They Build It Themselves

Hinh 2As a professional web site designer, I often come across business web sites, where the owner of the business has created the company’s first web site him or her self. Typically they have discovered that the web site was not brining in customers and ask us to help them make it work for them. Initially this is a cost cutting exercise on the part of the business owner in the early, cash strapped days of the business. However, it is a false economy and here is why….

In his book The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It, Michael Gerber writes “Work on your business, not in your business”. This is a fundamental mistake that most small startup owners make, they spend so much time and energy being employees of their own company, that they force themselves into a position of self employment rather than business owner.

Rather, if you force yourself into the discipline of not doing the actual work, but managing other people do the work, then not only do you free up your time to do more managing but you also train yourself very quickly and effectively to be a better business operator (rather than an employee). Let’s face it, that is why you went into business for yourself in the first place, isn’t it?

You may think that getting other people to do all the work is beyond the reach of most small businesses nowadays, however you need to consider these two important points:

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If you are an expert in your own area of business, you are probably not an expert web designer. If you try to create your site yourself, it will probably end up looking unprofessional and probably wont have the built in marketing and client recruitment tricks that professional web designers know how to build in.

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If you don’t have these things built in from the start, then when you eventually get to the point of having your site looked after by web designers, you will end up having to have it rebuilt from scratch, thereby wasting the investment of all the time you put in to create it.

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Get it right from the start and don’t waste your initial investment or the opportunity of all those clients that might buy from you if only you had an effective online marketing strategy, backed by a solid web site.

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