Siri Has Best Response When Asked How to Talk with People with Disabilities

Most people have probably heard of Siri, Apple’s built-in, voice-controlled “personal assistant.” Siri understands what you say and can even talk back. It, or she, as the program is usually referred to, can read your emails for you, make a dinner reservation and answer all of your questions.

Recently, Siri got a new feature. She can now even help you talk to people with disabilities. Isn’t that something?

No, but all kidding aside, Siri now really does have a great response when you ask her how to start a conversation with a person with a disability.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, joined the Just Say Hi campaign, an initiative by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation that aims to end the unnecessary awkwardness and discomfort that many people feel being around kids and adults with disabilities.

In the video below, which was posted on the Cerebral Palsy Foundation’s website, Cook explains: “At, Apple we believe inclusion inspires innovation, diversity gives us strength, and that includes people with disabilities.” Taking out his Iphone, he then proceeds to ask Siri: Hhey, Siri, how do you start a conversation with someone who has a disability?”

Siri’s response? “It’s easy. Just say ‘Hi.’”

Great advice. We at Enablecode couldn’t agree more!

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