Role of social media in modern business

Social media is absolutely critical in the advertising and promotion of any business these days, not just consulting. However you have to ask yourself, why is social media hugely successful for some people whilst it is, at best, a time drain for others?

The answer is leverage.

Anyone can post articles and information to social platforms, it is even easy enough to have your blog accept articles you create and then automatically post them to a range of social sites. You may generate a few hits from this activity and some of those, if you are really lucky might even turn into business. But, making loads of posts to social media and relying solely on the responses you get to make a living is not enough. You simply dont have enough time in the day to make enough of an impact on the global social media platforms to drive enough business.

You need to leverage and multiply what you do using smart internet marketing techniques.

1. You need to get good at copy writing, so that your messages are powerful and engaging
2. You need to use automated mechanisms to actually make your posts and monitor responses
3. You need to research the content of your posts so it is continually relevant and inspirational
4. You need to bring anyone who responds into a dialogue with you to build trust and empathy until they are ready to buy from you
5. You need to employ other people to do a lot of the manual, repetitive tasks and to apply expertise where you don’t have it

If you think all that sounds impossible for a sole trader because maybe you don’t have the budget, time or knowledge, then you would be wrong. Our outsourcing services can make this a reality for your business, contact us now to learn how.

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