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Need more customers on your web site? – Paul also has just released his new training course on supercharged internet and digital marketing. The course is available on Udemy (usual cost is $47).  If you are interested in taking the course and want to receive a free training course, login/register to become our member to see the coupon code below. 

The training shows you, in only an hour, how to double the effectiveness of your online marketing whilst reducing the effort you have to put in!It shows you how to use free tools and techniques usually only reserved for large companies and specialist internet marketers to attract and keep thousands of targeted and active customers online, quickly and easily.

To watch the intro video and enroll for free use this link and coupon code LMEC15


About Paul Bappoo

Paul Bappoo has a software background from over 30 years in the software industry and has written a number of books on software, when he wanted to promote those books online he turned to internet marketing principles. Having a solid background in the software industry, Paul is able to find ways to make the most of every piece of marketing activity he understood, so many of his website sit out there on the internet and bring in customers for his books and other ventures, all day every day,  pretty much automatically.If you are interested in learning more, then check out any of these books on Amazon.

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