Is Shopify for me?

irst of all, you may ask: “What is Shopify?”

Shopify is an e-commerce platform. It lets you build a full functioning web-shop in a matter of minutes. (But you should probably use more than just a few minutes on it, if you want to give your customers the best experience). Besides allowing you to create your own online store, it also lets you connect to a different set of social platforms, and use them as sales channels.

Vineyard & Winery“But why should I choose it? There are many other solutions out there, what makes Shopify right for me?”

If you want something easy, where all you have to think about is managing your web shop and marketing it, Shopify is for you. It provides you with free templates, in a nice quality, so you can put up a nice looking shop – it can even be customized with logo and a slideshow of pictures – without any coding.

For a small fee every month, depending on what package you choose, Shopify take care of the hosting and any technical issues there might be. This includes hacking. With Shopify your safety, and your customers, should be secured.

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Shopify grants you the opportunity of three packages. You get the first 14 days free to play around and get acquainted with Shopify (not every feature is unlocked of course), and when your trial is up, you need to choose one of three packages or leave the realm of Shopify.

The image above depicts some of the features Shopify grants with every package, but here is a more detailed list:

What all three packages provide:

  • Unlimited products:

You can upload as many products and variations (size, color) of that product that you want. It is completely up to you, how many products your shop provides. The different packages do though differ in the amount of file-space they provide.

  • 24/7 Support.

Where Shopify really delivers is the support. No matter what package you choose you get 24/7 support, with a fast response time.

  • Discount code engine.

Every package also allows you to create codes with discount for your customers. So even if you choose the basic package you can still give great offers to your customers.


Social media sales channels. 

Facebook is a possibility in the free trial. When you move up in upgrade, Pinterest and Twitter are unlocked as saleschannels. By connecting Shopify to your Pinterest account, you get the option of using buyable pins -otherwise it is a feature normal pinterest users have to apply to get. The buyable pin lets a customer see your product on your pinterest board and buy it right of the pinterest interface. This feature is however only available for U.S customers using the Pinterest app.)

The Packages:

The Basic package: (29$ a month)

  • 1GB of space for your web-shop
  • 2,0% transaction fee.

The Professional package: (75$ a month)

  • 5GB storage space for your web-shop
  • 1,0% transaction fee.
  • Gift cards
  • Professional reports.
  • Abandoned cart recovery.

The Unlimited package: (175$ a month)

  • Unlimited file storage.
  • Gift cards.
  • Advanced report builder.
  • Abandoned cart recovery.

Other features worth noticing, regardless package choice:

  • It is SEO friendly
  • Fast load time
  • Integrated blog
  • Access to app store, which lets you add more features.

To sum up, Shopify is very user friendly, especially for the not so tech-savvy. It can also be for for you if you are just looking for at fast and easy manageable solution. Because It is an all around solution with inventory control, customer archive, automatic mail notifications and rapport on how people interact with your web-shop. As to which package to choose,

The basic package should be enough if you are a small business. If you have a large web-shop with a lot of transaction, it is worth considering the larger packages for more space, and for smaller transaction fees. The good thing is that you can always change your package choice, and Shopify is very scalable. Weather you are a small business or larger, it is a very comfortable platform

If you are, however, on the tech savvy side, or like learning new trades, there are other platforms out there for you. Platforms like Magento, which is for the tech-savvy and for those looking to customize every little part of their web-shop.


WhatYes this was the: “Why you should choose Shopify” pitch. As there is never only one side to a story, I went searching the web for user experiences more in depth than my own. After turning multiple articles and reviews, I came up with this list of the most common features; the users have marked as downsides of our friend Shopify.


  • Not everything is customizable.
  • The template library is limited
  • Limited reporting option (can however be linked with an existing Google analytics account)
  • Shopify lets you have a build in blog, as mentioned (which is a nice feature and could count as a pro) but users have found it basic and limited.
  • Shopify uses its own language. Liquid, which means you need a Shopify specialist if you want complete customizations. (Or need to learn it on your own)

In the end the pros outweighs the cons, after my opinion, but that depends on who you are at what you want to use Shopify for.

Hope you found this piece useful. Good luck out there!

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